About the Cajun Navy Relief


The mission of Cajun Navy Relief is to save lives. We are a group of volunteers who work
tirelessly without pay (using our own personal equipment) to provide immediate rescue
and relief during natural disaster. Rescue and relief is our way of sharing our South
Louisiana cultural tradition (of neighbors helping neighbors) with people in need across
the United States. By integrating civilian volunteers into the Incident Command
Structure, we are able to act as a force multiplier for agencies responding to disaster.

Our History

Cajun Navy Relief was founded in 2016 and became a non-profit 501(c)(3) in January of 2017.

Cajun Navy Relief has conducted rescues during the following disasters:

  • 2016: South Louisiana Floods, Hurricane Matthew
  • 2017: Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, missing child search and rescue
  • 2018: Hidalgo County Flood, Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael
  • 2019: Vicksburg, MS & Hamilton, MS (tornado debris clearing), Hurricane Barry, Tropical Storm Imelda
  • 2020: Onalaska, TX tornado, Tropical Storm Cristobal, Hurricane Laura, Hurricane Sally, Hurricane Delta, Hurricane Zeta

Cajun Navy Relief Newsletters


Cajun Navy Relief is not affiliated with other organizations using the “Cajun Navy” name including the following:

America’s Cajun Navy,  Louisiana Cajun Navy, United Cajun Navy, Cajun Relief Foundation, Crowdsource Rescue, Cajun Navy Acadiana, Cajun Navy 2016, Cajun Coast, Cajun Army, or Cajun Special Forces.

However, we do partner with a wide variety of organizations during disaster to save lives!

Our team has been in conversation with regional and state disaster relief agencies (including LEO, NGO & NPO) concerning better coordination with rescue efforts.

We will be collaborating with the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, while also continuing to do what we do best during disasters involving flood response.

We are also training members to take part in larger USAR events as it relates to tornadoes, structural collapse, hurricanes, and more. In 2018, a group of our lead volunteers completed Rescue Systems 1 and Rope Rescue Operations and earned their certifications