Debrief and Support Volunteer Role


  • Provide interpersonal support for the organization, volunteers, and the people we serve
  • Debrief with Vetters, Dispatchers, and Rescue Team Members coming off shift. Support volunteers who have witnessed crisis during their volunteer shifts
  • Assist Rescue Teams in group debrief at end of shifts  (if requested)
  • Take Referrals for support calls from Vetters, Dispatchers, or Rescue Teams working with evacuees in need of support
  • Refer serious needs to 9-1-1, crisis lines
  • Assist volunteers who are in conflict by providing coaching in navigating interpersonal conflict, and providing facilitation (conflict resolution, mediation, restorative practices)


Requirements/ Skills:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Ability to remain calm and focused during crisis
  • Training and Experience gained working under supervision of a mentor
  • Significant amount of experience in the Behavioral Health Fields, and or Licensure in Behavioral Health Field
  • Lived experience with disaster, grief, assisting others in distress



  • Only sign up for a shift if you have the proper equipment. Must have access to a phone line, solid power source and internet connection.
  • Communicate Regularly with Debrief & Support Team Manager
  • Immediately Communicate with Safety Officer or Dispatch Manager when necessary
  • Take Breaks. Sleep before taking on another volunteer shift.  Take care of yourself if you have been working with people experiencing danger, stress, or crisis.
  • Reach out to Debrief & Support  Supervisor for clarification. Work closely with an experienced Debrief/ Support Persons on your team.
  • Sign up for shifts of at least 3 hours
  • Hand-off open calls to Debrief & Support Team manager / another volunteer when you are taking a break



  • Sign-up for this role if you do not have experience working with people experiencing crisis, distress, and conflict under the supervision of a mentor
  • Close shift without hand-off of all open calls
  • Blur roles / Attempt to take on dispatch and vetting responsibilities
  • Work with unstable power and internet sources
  • Work more than 7 hours straight shift
  • Request donations or compensation